To get started on Accreditron you'll need to register your organisation.

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Follow these steps to to register your organisation.

Here's a quick overview. Theres more detail below.

  • Navigate to the sign-in or register page.
  • Type in your email address into the text field.
  • Go to your email, find the email from Accreditron's mailbot.
  • Click the sign in link.
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Click get started.

1. Navigate to the sign-in or register page. Type your work email address.

Type the email address you have access to. Use the email you use professionally to represent your organisation.

2. Click the Sign in or Register button

Your email must be filled out to be able to click the Sign in or Register button.

3. Navigate to your inbox

Navigate to your email clients inbox, this could be Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. 

Pro-tip: You can now close this tab in the web browser. A new web page will open up when you complete your sign in.

4. Find the email from Click the magic Sign in button.

Open the email sent from There are two links you can click to sign in. Either click the blue Sign in button or the longer link below the Sign in button. You can also copy and paste the longer link into the web browser. Pick the option easiest to you.

Note: These link will not work after 5 minutes. If you wait longer than 5 minutes to click the link, you will need to start the Sign in or Registration process over again from step 1.

5. Complete the registration form

Start with the information about your organisation. Then provide information about you.

6. Type your organisation's legal name to search the NZBN Register. Select your organisation in the drop down list.

7. When the form is complete, tick the check box and click Get Started!

8. Your organisation is now registered! 

Once your organisation's registration is complete, you will be directed to your organisation's Dashboard.

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