Request documents or answers from other organisations.

Before you send your first request, there are a few things that you need to know about. The main thing being questions and question sets.

Viewing the Question Library →

An Overview of Question Sets →

Creating a New Question Set →

Viewing a List of Your Question Sets →

Follow these steps to request information

  • Select Requests from the navigation menu.
  • Click New Requests.
  • Type the Name or Description of the request.
  • Select which Organisation you are sending the request to.
  • Select the Question-set that you would like to request from them.
  • Click Send.

1. Navigate to Requests. 

Click Requests in the navigation bar.

2. Click New Information Request
Alternatively, you can start a new information request by:

1. Navigate to Organisations. 

Click an organisation to go to their profile.

2. Click Request Information

3. Fill in the new request form

  • 1. Provide request title. This is what the other organisation will see.
  • 2. Select a Question-set. What information do you to ask for?
  • 3. Select the Organisation you want to send the request to. Type to search and then click on the organisation to select it.

4. Click Send

Once you have filled out the form, you can press send!

After you send your request.

You can review your request at any time on the requests page. Navigate to Sent by Your Organisation.

What's next?

Reviewing a request submitted to your organisation →

Publishing a report or outcome →