When you request information from an organisation. You will be able to see the request at any time from the Requests page. 

Follow these steps to review information provided from a Request:

Quick Overview

  1. Select Requests from the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Request link that you want to review.
  3. Click on the side navigation menu to select a section.
  4. Review any displayed information and answers or download relevant documents.

Detailed Steps

1. Select the Requests link in the navigation bar

2. Select the Sent by Your Organisation link

3. Check the Status. Review that the organisation has responded. Click the link to the request.

If the responding organisation has not submitted a response yet, you will see an Awaiting Response flag next to the request. 

If the responding organisation has submitted their response, you will see Responded next to the request.

4. Navigate the request via the left menu bar

On the main page of the Request, you will see high level information about the request such as names, dates, organisations and people. If there are answers to review you will see a green Responded flag in the upper right corner.

To navigate the sections of the Request, click the title of any section listed in the left menu. Then, you will be able to review that section's questions and answers.

Tip: You can navigate these sections before a response is received, but you will not see any answers until the response has been submitted to your organisation.

5. When reviewing answers, click the document link to download and view attached documents

All question answers are displayed under the question. You can view the question and the associated help text at any time. If the response to a question is an attached document, click the document link to download it and view it.