Question Sets are selection of precompiled questions that your team can use when requesting information from other organisations. When a team member sends an information request to another organisation, you will select the question right question set for that process.

Question sets are made up of questions.

Question sets have:

  1. a name or title, 
  2. a description, 
  3. and questions. 

Question sets are available to your entire team to be used in requests. You make questions sets for different process that suits your business needs or to address a specific standard.

When you sign up on Accreditron, you'll have a few template question sets available for you to use. Or you can make your own. You might want to make a new question set for RFP due-diligence, or for an evaluation or audit. You can also make a different question set for that map to different standards that your organisation uses. 

You can view the questions in a question set at any time. You can even interact with the question and see how it will be asked to the organisation you are sending a request to.

Questions sets use standard questions that are available to all organisations on Accreditron. This is by design, helps to reduce duplication across requests and to make sure that answers to questions can be auto-populated for a organisation.

Want more question variety? To add new questions to Accreditron email us at: