An Overview of Request Templates

We are currently in the process of renaming question sets to request templates!

Request templates (currently called Question Sets) make sending a request quicker and easier. It is likely that you will need to send a number of requests to different organisations asking for the same information. To save you from needing to select every individual questions every time you send a request we created request templates.

What is a request template?

A request template is pre-made set of questions that a request is made from. In Accreditron, every request is made using a request template.

Request templates have:

  1. a name or title, 
  2. a description, 
  3. and questions. 

The title and description are used by your team to identify which process the request has been created for. Organisations that you send a request to will not see the request template title or description.

What are the benefits of request templates?

  • Save time
    Creating request templates is a one-off process. This means that you only have to make one for each process. Request templates make sending requests quick and easy. To send a request you simply give it a title, select a template, add the organisation and hit send!
  • Make your process consistent
    Request templates are available to everyone in your team. This increases consistency as everyone is using the same template.
  • Reduce duplication
    Each request template is made up of questions selected from our question library. Our question library is a library of pre-written questions relating to many different standards, processes and contracts. We work with auditors, government agencies and other organisations to write these questions. Having a library of questions means that there is only one way to ask for each piece of information. This reduces inconsistency and also means that we can auto populate an organisations questions to their new requests saving even more time!

Note: Currently in the app, request templates are still called 'question sets.' In all of our other articles we still refer to request templates as question sets.

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Want to ask questions that aren't on the app?

Question sets use standard questions that are available to all organisations on Accreditron. Using a standard questions helps to reduce duplication across requests makes sure that answers to questions can be auto-populated for a organisation.

Want more question variety? To add new questions to Accreditron email us at: