Questions | Overview

  • Every piece of  information requested on Accreditron is asked in question format
  • We have a library full of questions that are ready for you to start using straight away
  • Questions are specially written by our team in plain English with help text

View the Accreditron Question Library

To view all the questions that are loaded onto Accreditron, head to the question set page and click create a new question set. You can scroll through a list of all the questions on Accreditron.

1. Navigate to the Question Set page

Question sets live in your organisations settings. To navigate to question sets, first open the side navigation by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Click 'organisation settings'

Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click on the 'manage question sets' button.

2. Click 'new question set'

You can view all of the questions in the app by creating a new question set. Don't worry, you don't need to save the question set, just discard the question set by navigating back to the question sets page once you've finished viewing the questions.

3. Scroll

Scroll past the 'new question set' form. Below you will see a list of all the questions in the app.

4. Questions!

To view a preview of the question, click on it.

5. Interactive Preview

When you click on a question an interactive preview will be shown. This is exactly how organisations will see the question in a request. Click back to close the preview window and navigate back to the list of questions.

Note: Some of our questions are smart! They have subquestion which give you further customisation. These require a couple of extra steps to add them to your question set. Find out more about sub questions →

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Want to ask questions that aren't on the app?

Question sets use standard questions that are available to all organisations on Accreditron. Using a standard questions helps to reduce duplication across requests makes sure that answers to questions can be auto-populated for a organisation.

Want more question variety? To add new questions to Accreditron email us at: