Accreditron is a tool you can use to make any audit-like process efficient, painless, and consistent.

Getting Started

This tutorial will step you through the basics to get your team set up. If you are setting up a new organisation, we would recommend you go through in order. But if your organisation is all set up, feel free to jump to any section.

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2. Add your team →

3. Find your way around the app →

Quick Start Video

We have put together a 4 minute video to give you a quick overview of Accreditron. This is a great place to start if you're new.

More about Accreditron

Sharing information is hard. 

At Accreditron, our focus is on reducing duplication and improving the information sharing experience for all parties. This way, the 'requestee' only has to answer the same question once and 'requestors' can access all requested information in one central place.

Accreditron is a central repository for your information

Your organisation can use Accreditron to store all your company information. This means that when you get a request, you are all ready to go.


Helpful terms for this tutorial

  • Requestor
    This is the organisation requesting information. They will usually be the organisation that is carrying out the audit-like process.
  • Requestee 
    This is the organisation who is sharing information. They could be a service provider going through a contract audit, a regional office going through an internal review, or any other organisation that gets requested information.

Let's get started

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