To get you started, here's an overview of all the pages in the app, what they do, and how to get there. 

There are two ways to navigate around Accreditron 

  • Top navigation bar 
  • Side menu

Top Navigation

The top navigation bar has links to the dashboard, requests, organisations, reports and your organisation's profile page.

  • Dashboard
    Your dashboard is the first place you will be taken to when you land on the app. Your dashboard is where all of your saved information lives.
  • Requests
    Whether you are sending or receiving requests they all live on the requests page.
  • Organisations
    View a list of all the organisations using Accreditron.
  • Reports
    View reports that you have published, have been shared with you and also create new ones!
  • 'Your organisation'
    Your organisation's name will be displayed on the right-hand side of the navigation bar. This is a handy quick link that will take you straight to your organisation's profile page.

Side Navigation Bar

Using the side navigation bar you can navigate to your organisation settings, switch organisations, create a new organisation and logout. To close the side menu, either click the x in the top right hand corner, or click anywhere outside the side menu.

  • Organisation settings
    In your organisation settings, you can edit things like your team members, organisation name and description! Plus, if your a 'requestor' you can manage your question sets.
  • Organisation switcher
    If you are a member of more than one organisation you can switch organisations using the side menu bar. The organisation you are currently in will be highlighted. To switch into another organisation, click on it!
  • Create a new organisation
    If you need to set up a new organisation - click the big blue button.
  • Logout
    When you're finished working and want to log out, simply click the logout button.

What's next?

This is the last part of the 'getting started' tutorial. We have different tutorials depending on what you will be using Accreditron for.

For teams running audit-like processes

If your organisation will be requesting information, these tutorials are for you.

Setting Up Your Process →

Sending a Request →

For teams undergoing audit-like processes

If you will be sharing information with another organisation by filling out a request, these are for you.

Managing Your Information →

Responding to a Request →

For everyone

Organisation Settings →

View, Share & Publish reports →

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