To get the most out of Accreditron, add your whole team! You will be able to respond to requests as a team, access all data in one central place and share request templates across your team.

Note: You must be an admin in your organisation to add or remove a team member.

Need to update your teams roles? Update team member roles →

Follow these steps to add a new person to your team

  • Navigate to the organisation settings page
  • Scroll to the group members section and click 'Add members'
  • Add your new team members email address and name
  • Your new team member has been successfully added!

1. Navigate to your organisation settings page

Select the menu button in the navigation to open the side bar.

Select the organisation settings in the side bar.

2. Navigate to the Group Members section and select Add Members

Once you are on the organisation settings page, scroll down to the 'Group Members' section. Then select 'Add Members'.

3. Type the new member's email address

A modal will pop up for you to fill out contact information for the new member. When you fill out their email select next.

4. Type the new member's full name

The full name should include their first or given and last or family name.

5. Success! Select 'Add Another' if you would like to add more members

If you would like to add another team member, select 'Add another'. If you're done, select 'close.'

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