You manage your question sets in organisation settings.

Question sets make sending a request quicker and easier. It is likely that you will need to send a number of requests to different organisations asking for the same information. To save you from needing to select every individual questions every time you send a request we created question sets.

How to navigate to your organisation's question sets

  • click on the menu icon on the right hand corner of the navigation bar to open the side bar
  • select organisation settings from the side bar
  • scroll to the bottom of organisation settings and click on the button 'Manage Question Sets'

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Want to ask questions that aren't on the app?

Question sets use standard questions that are available to all organisations on Accreditron. Using a standard questions helps to reduce duplication across requests makes sure that answers to questions can be auto-populated for a organisation.

Want more question variety? To add new questions to Accreditron email us at: