Questions | Overview

Often auditing standards are written in a way that makes it hard to know what is really being asked of you. We want to make it easy for you to know what information you need to provide. This is why we have questions.

  • Every piece of information requested on Accreditron is asked in question format.
  • Questions have a title, description and help text.
  • We write all of our questions in plain english.

What are the benefits of questions?

  • Our questions reduce duplication
    We work with auditors, government agencies and private companies to pre-write all of our questions. Every time you are requested a piece of information the question has been selected from our question library. This means that everyone using Accreditron has to ask for information in the same way.
  • You only have to answer the same question once!
    Every time you answer a question, your answer is automatically saved on your dashboard. The next time you get sent a request, any of the questions you have answered are are auto-populated with your saved answer! This means that even if you get asked the same question 5 times, you will only have to answer it once.

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