Team roles overview

Members of your team will either be an admin or a regular team member. Admins can do everything a regular team member can plus:

  • add new team members
  • remove team members
  • update team member roles

Note: It is important that you have at least two admins in your team. This is so that if one of your admins leave, or lock themselves out of the account, someone is still able to add extra team members.

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Updating your teams roles

1. Navigate to your organisation settings page

Select the menu button in the navigation to open the side bar

Select organisation settings in the side bar

2. Navigate to the group members section

In the group members section, you can view your team members and their roles. Any team members who are admins will have an 'admin' icon beside their name.

3. Update roles

Depending on their current role, each team member will have either a 'Make admin' or 'Remove admin rights' button beside their email address.

To make someone an admin, click the 'Make admin' button next to their email address.

To remove a team members admin rights, click the 'Remove admin rights ' button next to their email address.

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